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100320 Super Show 2 in Malaysia (part 2)

100320 Super Show 2 in Malaysia (part 1)

All of this pictures are from in front of their hotel “Grand Millenium”…kekekeee…that day was very difficult to snap their pictures..I can’t get all of their pictures thats why I’m s0 sad…uwaaaaa

Zhoumi before going to Bukit Jalil Stadium…

Khyuhyun and Yesung before going to Bukit Jalil Stadium

Henry before going to Pavilion..

Heechul before going to Pavilion…

Leeteuk and Ryeowook…Leeteuk still wearing the cap he’s got from fan during the concert…really envy with that fan

Super size me!

Tuesday March 23, 2010


South Korean pop group Super Junior worked its magic on the concert crowd last Saturday.

IF you have never been to a Super Junior concert, then be warned: the electrifying South Korean sensation can jolt you with their heart-thumping, ear-throbbing act.

Super Junior played to a sell-out crowd at The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia 2010 in Putra Stadium Bukit Jalil in Selangor last Saturday night.

Some 15,000 ELFs (short for Ever Lasting Fans, referring to Super Junior fans) screamed and waved glowsticks in their official colour – pearl sapphire blue – throughout the concert.

Massive presence: Super Junior performing on a specially built stage – shaped like the Chinese character ‘tian’ (which means ‘field’) – before a crowd of about 15,000 screaming fans at their sell-out The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia 2010 at Bukit Jalil, Selangor, last weekend.

One really needs powerful lungs, strong arms and boundless energy to be an ELF. And, yes, perhaps be half-deaf as well. My ears are still ringing from hearing “Super Junior saranghae!” (“Super Junior, I love you” in Korean) repeatedly at the concert.

The concert began at 7pm with performances by local Mandopop duo Thomas Jack – who were accompanied by eight dancers – and teen singer Iqwal. The South Korean group made its entrance at 8pm.

As the boys emerged at different locations around the specially built stage, fans went into an ear-splitting screaming frenzy and the concert venue literally throbbed with excitement.

Also known as SuJu or SJ, the South Korean act delivered 35 songs in Korean, Mandarin and English during the four hour-long concert.

Opening with their fast numbers – ThirstyUIt’s YouShe’s Dangerous – the guys showcased their various dance skills through high-energy dance choreography to tunes that were often punctuated with colourful blasts of pyrotechnics.

Sizzling showmanship: The South Korean boyband performing at their concert while their fans waved glowsticks – in the band’s official colour, pearl sapphire blue – in the foreground.

Super Junior did not even need to have that many choreographed sets; they stole their fans’ hearts with their playful nature.

Realising their infectious charm, the boys effortlessly worked their magic on the crowd. When they left the stage, even video clips of the boys had a similar effect on fans.

One of the highlights had the 10 members introducing themselves individually in the most entertaining manner: The Dangerous Cinderella Heechul, The Living Work of Art Siwon, Hottest Baby Kyuhyun, The Bubble Boy Yesung, Loveable Blurness Ryuwook, Ultimate Sweetness Sungmin, Bejeweled Eunhyuk, Sexy Fishy Donghae, Cutie Pie Shindong and Fallen Angel Leeteuk.

It was a shame that Kang-in, Kibum and Han Geng were unable to join their bandmates. Still, the 10 boys easily brought the house down with their mischievous antics.

The specially built RM6mil stage was shaped like the Chinese character tian (which means field): resembling a square box enclosing a T-cross in the middle, with die-hard fans tightly packed into four separate grids.

The interesting stage itself featured even more surprises as the boys could make their entry and exit at various points. Watching them appear and disappear from different directions added a delightful element of surprise. As promised during a media conference held some two-and-a-half hours before the concert, several of the boys appeared dressed up as girls towards the end of the show.

Rib-tickling: Super Junior donning whimsical headgear while singing Pajama Party for the encore.

With fans clamouring for an encore, the boys emerged wearing cute headgear and obliged fans with songs like Pajama Party and Carnival. They even aimed waterguns at fans and cast all sorts of knick-knacks, which the crowd happily grabbed to keep as souvenirs.

Before taking their leave, Super Junior revealed that they were in the midst of preparing their new album, and thanked fans for their steadfast support over the years.

Their concert tickets reported record-breaking sales with the RM138 tickets completely sold out within two hours of the presale itself. The RM238 tickets were sold out in less than a week. That left fans to scramble for the RM458 tickets in the rock pitt, which put them practically within reach of the boys as the stage was built embracing the standing zone.

Debuting in 2005, Super Junior comprises 13 members, which makes them the biggest boyband in the world. The boys have 19 releases to their name, including studio and live albums as well as singles, compilations, soundtrack and various other collaborations.

Singing in Korean, Japanese and Mandarin, Super Junior easily appeals to music fans across Asia.

Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia 2010 was organised by Redstar Presents and managed by Marctensia with SM Entertainment and Dream Maker as concert supervisors.

cre : The Star online


1Malaysia the Korean way

Friday March 26, 2010


Kids are usually less conscious about their ethnic differences and when they share a common interest they become completely colour blind.

THE band is called Super Junior, or SuJu by their millions of fans throughout Asia, and with 13 members is said to be the biggest boy band in the world. They are also the latest craze among Malaysian teenagers from all communities.

Their more than 15,000 screaming fans present at their concert in a packed Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil last Saturday were not just from one ethnic group.

There were many groups comprising Malay, Chinese and Indian girls – it is a boy band comprising of very good-looking guys – walking together excitedly towards the stadium.

I know because I had to send my equally excited daughter and her Malay friend to the stadium.

Boy power: Super Junior band members introducing themselves during their concert in Bukit Jalil recently.

There were a few young couples there, too, but it was obvious that the boyfriends were just there to keep their girlfriends company.

Tickets for the concert reportedly were snapped up at record-breaking speed, with the RM138 tickets completely sold out within two hours of the pre-sale. The RM238 tickets were sold out in less than a week. That left fans to scramble for the RM458 tickets in the rock pit, which put them practically within reach of the boys.

The stage cost RM6mil to build and those with the most expensive tickets stood in the middle, surrounded by the stage.

Why are Malaysian kids so hooked up on Super Junior? From all accounts, it is not only because the guys are just good-looking but also because of the tales and legends that have been weaved around the performers – 12 South Koreans and one Chinese.

But what had stunned many parents is that their daughters (and some sons) are such Ever Lasting Fans (ELF as they are called) because SuJu perform mostly in Korean with a mixture of English, Japanese and Chinese. Music critics also pan the group as artificial and not very good singers. But, they are “fantastic dancers”.

The sight of the mixed crowd swaying, dancing and mouthing various Korean words really gave my flagging 1Malaysia spirit a boost, and I even found it funny that it took a foreign act to pull the kids together.

A 20-something-year-old whom I consulted on this phenomenon said I was looking at it the wrong way. The kids did not have trouble getting along. “It’s when they lose their innocence and become corrupted by adult prejudices that they start thinking like you.”

He reasoned that kids see each other as whether they could be friends or not, as “their prejudices were different from that of adults”.

However, I don’t think so. I believe most Malaysian parents “poison” their child’s mind very early on – it’s just a matter of transferring their pre-conceived ideas by a few lose words here and there.

Some do it unconsciously but there are many who do it deliberately, out of fear. Discouraging mixed marriages is one of those purposeful prejudicial fears many parents implant into their children’s head.

Who can blame them, as even those in authority share their scorn for such unions? No one will come out to admit in public that they have a problem with their own getting into a mixed marriage.

On the other hand, mixed marriages can enhance our ethnic diversity. All we need to do is look at Sabah and Sarawak, where mixed marriages are so common. It is also in these two states that we find the greatest unity among the people.

Maybe Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak should re-look the 1Malaysia concept and use mixed marriages as a way to promote national unity.

Thus, back to Super Junior. I believe it is their common love for the band that brings these girls from different backgrounds and cultures together.

Maybe Najib should also look at the attraction of SuJu to see if there is a lesson here to further reinforce his 1Malaysia concept.

“SuJu works because they are foreign and there is no preconceived prejudice against them.

“So, that is why the girls and their parents do not feel threatened by sharing their joy with someone from a different community,” said a public university lecturer who was also there to send her daughter to the concert.

She then reminded me of the Korean TV soap opera Winter Sonata, which was “so popular with all the housewives, regardless of background”.

“I, too, followed the series, even when it was repeated several times,” said the tudung-clad 40-something-year-old in our 30-minute discussion as we waited for our daughters.

“The actress wasn’t the prettiest but the storyline was so touching. I remember discussing the series with all my friends and neighours – Malays, Chinese and Indians. I guess that was our adult version of Super Junior.”

The two of us must have been quite a sight for the teenagers passing by, and they, too, must be wondering how come these two adults got along so well.

Why not? We were unified in our wait for our daughters who were being thrilled by a Korean boy band. There must be a lesson in there somewhere.

cre : The Star online

Lima bintang buat Suju!!


BERGAYA seperti perempuan ketika mempersembahkan lagu Chu.

TERPUKAU! Itulah kesimpulan yang menterjemahkan kehebatan persembahan ‘boy band’ terbesar di dunia yang dianggotai oleh 13 orang jejaka kacak di Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur baru-baru ini.

Berdasarkan persembahan ekstravaganza Super Junior itu baru-baru ini ia sebetulnya mengiakan betapa fenomena yang dicetus oleh kumpulan dari Korea bukan kecil.

Kehadiran mereka ke ibu negara baru-baru ini memperlihatkan bahawa mereka mempunyai pengaruh yang sangat besar di kalangan remaja.

Selama tiga jam, Super Junior menjayakan konsert Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live In Malaysia 2010 membawa penonton ralit dengan aura mereka.

Bahkan, harus diakui sebilangan besar yang datang menyaksikan konsert berkenaan memberikan lima bintang buat anak-anak muda itu.

Persembahan yang mantap disertai dengan nyanyian merdu, tarian yang mempesonakan dan rekaan pentas serta mainan visual yang hebat cukup membuatkan tenaga 15,000 orang penonton yang hadir tidak kering-kering dari awal sehingga habis konsert itu.

Walaupun mempersembahkan 34 buah lagu, namun penonton yang hadir tidak berasa bosan dan sentiasa terhibur melihat gelagat 10 daripada 13 ahli Super Junior yang hadir ke Malaysia itu.

Seawal pukul 4 petang, ribuan peminat Super Junior yang turut dikenali SJ atau Suju sudah mula membanjiri perkarangan stadium itu walaupun mereka hanya dibenarkan masuk ke dalam stadium pada pukul 6 petang.

Pelbagai ragam dapat dilihat daripada peminat Suju yang kebanyakannya terdiri daripada remaja perempuan.

Ramai yang berpakaian serba biru yang merupakan warna tema Suju, malah ada yang membawa pelbagai hadiah untuk diberikan kepada idola mereka itu.

Membuka tirai persembahan, Iqwal dan ThomsJack memberikan persembahan yang cukup bertenaga disertai dengan gerak tarian yang tangkas lalu mengundang jeritan penonton yang hadir.

Biarpun kelibat jejaka-jejaka segak itu belum kelihatan, namun stadium yang dipenuhi oleh 15,000 orang penonton itu gamat dengan sorakan peminat yang kebanyakannya terdiri daripada remaja perempuan.

Sebaik sahaja lampu stadium dimalapkan, jeritan penonton semakin kuat dengan laungan ‘Suju’ serta nama ahli kumpulan kegemaran mereka.

Apabila mereka membuat gimik dengan keluar di setiap penjuru yang berbeza, kelihatan reaksi penonton semakin tidak terkawal.

Hee Chul, Si Won, Kyu Hyun, Ye Sung, Ryn Wook, Sung Min, Eun Hyuk, Dong Hae, Shin Dong dan Lee Teuk memberikan persembahan yang tidak dapat dilupakan dengan kemerduan vokal serta tarian yang tangkas dan mengasyikkan.

Kelihatan penonton di stadium menghayunkan lampu berwarna biru yang merupakan warna rasmi mereka dari awal sampai akhir persembahan.

Mereka memulakan persembahan dengan lagu-lagu rancak iaitu ThirstyUIt’s YouShe’s DangerousAngelaMiracleDisco Drive dan Dancing Out.

Persembahan diteruskan dengan lagu Baby BabyMy BeautifulGive UplnsomniaForgive MeWhat IfIbyui Nun SipniHoneySo Na Ta At TemptationDun DunTwinsOur Love,Puff the Magic Dragon dan Sick of Love.

Mereka turut menyanyikan lagu Who Am IBlur TomorrowSuper GirlShining StarSorry SorryChuRock n GoHoney JarPa Za Ma PartyCarnivalWonder Boy dan Marry You.

Setiap persembahan diselang-seli dengan persembahan sub kumpulan iaitu Super Junior K.R.Y, Super Junior -M, Super Junior -T dan Super Junior -Happy serta turut diselitkan sketsa daripada mereka yang mencuit hati.

Mereka bukan sahaja boleh menyanyi dan menari dengan baik, malah ada di antara Suju yang boleh bermain alat muzik dengan merdu dan ditonjolkan ketika persembahan secara solo.

Turut membuat persembahan ialah ahli jemputan Suju, Henry Lau memberikan persembahan yang memukau dengan gesekan biolanya dalam lagu So Na Ta At Temptation.

Persembahan lagu Puff The Magic Dragon amat mencuit hati apabila jejaka-jejaka kacak ini turut membuat sketsa ala teater kanak-kanak lengkap dengan kostum haiwan yang comel.

Lebih mengujakan, satu stadium kelihatan seperti langit yang dipenuhi bintang apabila penonton yang hadir menyalakan lampu putih ketika Suju menyanyikan lagu mereka yang hits iaitu Shining Star.

Antara kejutan lain ialah apabila ahli Suju yang segak berpakaian menyerupai wanita dan mengajuk gaya wanita ketika mereka menyanyikan lagu Chu.

Semestinya lagu mereka yang paling hits ketika ini iaitu Sorry Sorry dinyanyikan, semua yang hadir menjerit dan turut menyanyi sekali bersama mereka.

Secara keseluruhan, konsert Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live In Malaysia 2010 adalah sebuah konsert yang hebat.

Pentas yang gah dan mainan visual serta percikan bunga api banyak membantu persembahan nyanyian dan tarian mereka yang memang sedia ada hebat.

Walaupun ada halangan bahasa memandangkan mereka bertutur dan bernyanyi dalam bahasa Korea, namun penonton tetap berasa terhibur dan terpesona dengan persembahan mereka.

Pujian diberikan kepada pihak penganjur iaitu Redstar Presents dan Marctensia kerana berjaya membawa kumpulan yang berbakat besar ini mengadakan konsert di sini sehingga kesemua tiketnya habis dijual.

Selepas Malaysia, Suju akan mengadakan konsert di Manila, Filipina dan beberapa buah negara Asia yang lain.

cre: Utusan Malaysia online

The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia~~

After day by day, week by week , month by month….now I’ve got the time to update my blog…sorry for long time no update from me…

Ok..what to say first..hmmmm…yeahhh..of course about ” The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia 2010 in Putra Stadium Bukit Jalil ”

huhuhhuh…for so long I’ve been waiting to meet again with Super Junior oppa…after the MAA 2008 at Genting…now once again I’ve got the chance to meet them back…yeahhh….

Continued about the concert…the concert start late that day BUT we as ELF..never felt tired or regretted once the concert is started…The concert started by performances by local Mandopop duo Thomas Jack – who were accompanied by eight dancers – and teen singer Iqwal.

Finally, time for our beloved oppa performance…they started the concert by each of person came out from different location…so lucky for the fans who can stand close by them…kyaaaa…my bad…my bad…

First was opening with their first song like during their performance on MAA 2008 ~ Thirsty ~ then continued with UIt’s You and She’s Dangerous…..

Then, its time for introducing themselves individually…the first who came out was heechul oppa…He make us,ELF shout out loud…”Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul..oo-yu baekka Kim Heechul”…hehehhehe…he’s always show us his charms side….then continued with siwonnie…

Here are some of the name stated during the concert…The Dangerous Cinderella Heechul, The Living Work of Art Siwon, Hottest Baby Kyuhyun, The Bubble Boy Yesung, Loveable Blurness Ryeowook, Ultimate Sweetness Sungmin, Bejeweled Eunhyuk, Sexy Fishy Donghae, Cutie Pie Shindong and Fallen Angel Leeteuk.

I also can’t forget about their solo performance..each of the performances was very DAEBAK….kekeke…Sungmin oppa pianos’ performance..Ryeowook oppa singing Insomnia…Donghae oppa cools dance featuring with Eunhyuk oppa…Kyuhyun oppa and Yesung oppa great vocal…Leeteuk oppa singing JYP song… Siwon oppa ballads song….Heechul oppa singing Ivys’ song featuring with Ryeowook pianos’ performance and also Henry with her violins’ skill…

Our cute magnae, Super Junior M, Henry also gave out his solo song and danced…he’s so damn cute with his smile..I’m totally into his sweet smile…aigooooo…can’t resist it…then during Super Junior M performance…Blue Tomorrow and Super Girl…suddenly I’m feeling teary in my eyes…of course because of thinking of our Hankyung oppa…mmmmm

Then again during “Shining Star” performance..all of us started to use the light that been provided and singing with SuJu oppa…When I saw Leeteuk oppa cried during this song…once again I’ve got teary eyed….then Donghae oppa also got teary eyed ….oppa uljima!!!

~~~Ok will update about my experience during the concert later….bubyeeee~~~

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