SS501’s Dissolution Is Not Official

I’m sure everyone all over the world has been shocked by the news of Kim HyunJoong deciding to leave DSP Entertainment. However there’s still some hope left as SS501’s disbandment is notofficial.

A close acquaintance of Kim HyunJoong has recently mentioned that “is no formal dissolution,”. Following that, an official has also stated:

“Since the beginning of this year, Kim HyunJoong has thought deeply about the future of his career. Regardless of whatever path he chooses to take, everyone has agreed that an official disbandment is not what we want. He has said the same to his close acquaintances as well. No matter how one views it, it seems that SS501 will stay in some form or another. “

Even though Kim HyunJoong has signed under Key East, the all of the members have high hopes for SS501 to continue. Many have speculated that SS501 would do the same as ex-boy band G.O.D,where the members continue group activities despite being signed under different labels.

In addition to all of the rumors, DSP Entertainment has also stated:

” Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Park JungMin, Kim HyungJoon are all undecided on this matter. The members plan to take a break to think about this and decide on what they want to do.”

With all the shock, I’m sure fans will be glad to know that SS501 will not be disbanded just yet, we will have to wait and see what the future brings for this group. We wish them the best of luck.



Kim HyunJoong Leaves DSP Media

Singer/actor Kim Hyunjoong has left SS501 by default.

He has become label-mates with hallyu star Bae YongjoonKeyeast revealed on the 29th that Kim Hyunjoong had signed with them.

Following this move, he will carry out activities under Keyeast, and the new contract means that he has left SS501 by default. In a phone conversation between DSP Media and Newsen, the former stated, “There has been no plans regarding the future of SS501. We are not sure whether we will add another member, or for the remaining members to carry out activities as a 4-member group.” The rest of the SS501 members have reached the end of their contract period with DSP Media, meaning that the problems regarding their contracts will override planning for future activities.

On the other hand, Keyeast has stars Bae Yongjoon, Lee Nayoung, Lee Boyoung, Bong Taegyu, Lee Jiah, Park Yejin, So Eehyun and Hong Soohyun. The company is currently in partnership with DA (Digital Adventure), a Japanese company, and they are planning on promoting Kim Hyunjoong through an Asian entertainment-specialist cabel channel DATV.

Yang Geunhwan, the CEO of Keyeast, has stated, “Kim Hyunjoong has been regarded as one of the new hallyu stars of this generation. He made a new beginning with us, in hope that he will be able todevelop his talents through music and acting. We will help him to surpass Asia and grow to be a global entertainer.”

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