100718 SBS Inkigayo Super Junior – N0 0ther

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Super Junior’s Logo Song MV is Out!

Yesterday, it was that Super Junior would sing a logo song for Strong Heart, and today the MV for the kang shim jang is out!

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Lyrics/Composed etc by Donghae
feat. Leeteuk Eunhyuk Donghae Shindong

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Hot Piccas in No Other MV…

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100707 Melon Interview with Super Junior

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[News] Super Junior top the ‘Most Popular Korean Band Among Arabian People’ ranking.

1. Super Junior

2. SS501


4. SHINee

5. 2PM

6. Big Bang

7. UKiss

8. C.N.Blue

9. Beast

10. 2AM


12. ZE:A

Congratulations to Super Junior! Its not surprising seeing them top the chart but its surprising that the recent groups such as C.N Blue and ZE:A is on the list too!
It just shows that they have high popularity no matter what country their fans are from.

All these groups that are on the list are those who are currently active in promoting and doing activities. Groups like Super Junior, CN Blue, Mblaq are in the midst of promoting their title songs, No other, love and Y respectively.

Source: KBS world arabic section
reported by ting18♥@dailykpopnews

[070710] No Other MV!

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Shindong is Preparing For His Wedding

Super Junior’s Shindong recently revealed his wedding plans.

On the 6th, Shindong made a shocking  on SBS Strong Heart‘, surprising everyone in the studio. Shindong garnered much attention after he proposed to his  in the ‘thanks to’ section in Super Junior’s latest album.

Shindong explained that the reason for using a  in his ‘thanks to’ message was because, “I really want to get married.”

Shindong was asked if his  wasn’t against him getting , as he is an  singer. He answered, “I already asked the CEO about this during a meeting. He  me, ‘Yeah, that’s fine. Get married.’” Shindong then confessed, “We are currently in the process of preparing for our wedding.”

Meanwhile, ‘Strong Heart‘ aired after being canceled for 4  due to the 2010 World Cup. On this episode, Tak JaeHoon, Super Junior (Choi SiwonLee TeukEunhyukShindongDonghae,Kyuhyun), Yoon SaeAhOh JiEunKim SaeAh, rapper Simon DJo JungRin, and others appeared as guests.

SourceKim Yoo Kyoung @newsen.com
Translationch0sshi @kpoplive.com

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