100718 SBS Inkigayo Super Junior – N0 0ther

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Hot Piccas in No Other MV…

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100707 Melon Interview with Super Junior

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[News] Super Junior top the ‘Most Popular Korean Band Among Arabian People’ ranking.

1. Super Junior

2. SS501


4. SHINee

5. 2PM

6. Big Bang

7. UKiss

8. C.N.Blue

9. Beast

10. 2AM


12. ZE:A

Congratulations to Super Junior! Its not surprising seeing them top the chart but its surprising that the recent groups such as C.N Blue and ZE:A is on the list too!
It just shows that they have high popularity no matter what country their fans are from.

All these groups that are on the list are those who are currently active in promoting and doing activities. Groups like Super Junior, CN Blue, Mblaq are in the midst of promoting their title songs, No other, love and Y respectively.

Source: KBS world arabic section
reported by ting18♥@dailykpopnews

[070710] No Other MV!

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100704 SBS Inkigayo Super Junior – No Other

owhhhhhh..every day we’ve been shocking with their performance..yeahhhh…new style again today on Inkigayo

teuki teuki said..neo deko!!!

100703 Music Core Super Junior – No Other

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OMG!!!! today performance was very jjang…it’s cowboy time..all are wearing boots and jeans..donghae with his white T and jeans..so simple and lovely..really love his outfit..eunhyuk new hair style..hhehhehe so sweet…he’s nowadays can be in front of the line..yeahhh to him…minnie and wookie playing around at the end of the song..ㅋㅋㅋpoor wookie…they all keep smiling and smiling again..leeteuk shout “Saranghae : 사랑해” woahhh we love you to0 oppa…

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