[TRANS] 100404 Sankei Sports News “There is still a possibility that five of them may appear and perform as TVXQ in the future”

Partially Translated:

Despite the current tough situation in the music industry, TVXQ had sold 5,130,000 pieces of CD.

They appeared as five at TBS “CDTV SPECIAL! Premium Live 2009-2010” last December. From now on, they will focus on their solo activities, however the person in charge had mentioned, “There is still a possibility that five of them may appear and perform as TVXQ in the future”.

*Note from the translator:
Personally, I have prepared my mind for this from the end of July last year. And that was the time I started to translate here at O!. It was because, I wanted to deliver uplifting translations to you. No matter what, we love all five of them. So let us continue to support, love and hope for the best for them! Fighting TVXQ and us fans!

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Sankei Sports News Japan
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] Eriko Kitagawa Shares Her Thoughts About THSK in Her Blog Entry

I know I have to write this.
Oh, this is just my personal matter, but I again found a negative comment concerning Jaejoong in the comment section.
So deep in my heart, I am thinking that I don’t want to write again.
But I will.
I’d feel frustrated with myself if I get licked by those little things.

I did not know of this situation.
I think I have also made my comment on my twitter before,
but I never spoke about the topic,
and he never spoke about it, too.
So I thought I’d leave it as it is.

And, our relations are rather new.

But for me, a person who played the leading role in my works cannot be thought as a stranger.
Mostly, the other person seems to think of the same.
So I was secretly worried about them.

I am sorry.
I am really sorry.
I really wanted to watch their performance in Tokyo Dome with everyone here.
When I went to watch B’z concert, I came to know that many following this blog have also gone to their concert.
I was very delighted.
If they (I cannot write down that 4 characters here) perform at the Tokyo Dome,
I will set my cellular phone so that I can write this ameblo blog from outside.
Then, we can share our information where we are right now
and, we can gather stream together.
I was thinking like this, with a serious mind.

Thank you for sending their CD to me.
I heard their songs, many times, during my break at work.

I understand all of your lonely and sad feelings. (I also thought that I could not live, when my favorite group OFF COURSE was in such situations.)
But I think that the happiness of the 5 members should be the most important.

Please forgive them.
Some may be thinking that
they ripped off your enjoys,
or that they were your lights.
Please forgive the 5.
I think that they are truly sorry for all of this.
(For those who do not want to hear these words from me, please do not read these sentences. I am sorry that I am being rather picky. I have gone through a lot of unpleasantness…)

I think that the 5 are the ones who are in the most pain.
(I have never talked about this with Jaejoong, though.)
I am imagining like this.
Even though they are the ones selected from god,
that person’s life is for himself.
Before being selected from god, he was a tiny little baby, born from his mother.
They are regular people.

Let’s support the future of the 5
with the feelings “Thank you for being the light of our lives”.
If you truly love them, and that you are saying that you will continue to love them.

I do not know whether or not they will be active as the 5 members again.
My only wish is that the young 5 people will be happy, and do their best in the future.

I am thinking.
Of Michael Jackson, who died though his was still young in age.
Do you think that it is completely a different story?

A person should not live for others.
A person should live for himself.
So, the most important thing should be; to think about their happiness.

This is my true feelings, from me, who have seen many artists.

I am praying for all of your health and happiness.

Source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
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[INFO] 100404 Avex Co-CEO & Staff Twitter Update Part 4

Q: Dragon-san, are they happy with this? What are your feelings?
A: It’s painful, but I want to build a future together with them. I love them. Sorry for my short answer.

Q:What did you talk about with JeJung [when they went out to drink]? I’m waiting for your answer.
A: It’s a talk between men. I can’t tell you more~

It’s a secret, but [the drama’s] title could have been Loving You. It’s a role of a young Korean man suffering from zaibatsu* who is in love with a Japanese woman. It was supposed to be a Japanese drama pi pi pi pi [T/N: sounds of warning]. But it didn’t come true. Good night. I’m going for real this time. I’m sorry.

I’m already not okay. The alcohol, the promise, and the things that I’m not allowed to say – they’ve become a mess in my head right now. I was angry over a drama that YuChun supposedly stars in. But thanks. It’s already 2am. It’s only 2am. Good night. Not to sleep. To sleep. Not to sleep. Which one. Good night.

Source: avex’s CSO Chiba Ryuuhei’s Twitter
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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Which One Piece Character are the DBSK/THSK/TVXQ Members Like?

Yunho’s list
Yunho – Luffy
Changmin – Chopper
Jaejoong – Zoro
Yoochun – Sanji
Junsu – Usopp

Changmin’s List
Yunho – Luffy
Changmin – Usopp
Jaejoong – Zoro
Yoochun – Chopper
Junsu – ?

Jaejoong’s List
Yunho – Luffy
Changmin – Nami
Jaejoong – Brooke
Yoochun – Sanji
Junsu – Usopp

Yoochun’s List
Yunho – unknown
Changmin – unknown
Jaejoong – Franky
Yoochun – unknown
Junsu – unknown

Junsu’s List
Yunho – Luffy
Changmin – Usopp
Jaejoong – Zoro
Yoochun – Chopper
Junsu – Sanji

For those who aren’t One Piece fans, a bit of background info:

Luffy is the Captain of the Strawhat Pirates, and seeing that Yunho is the leader of TVXQ!, not to mention Luffy & Yunho are both stubborn and weird, this is very apt indeed.

Zoro is the First mate/Second in Command. He is very manly and he loves to workout.

Nami is the navigator who has a penchant for money & a fiery temper. Everyone obeys her. She is the brains of the crew.

Usopp is the sharpshooter. He is the funniest and the weakest of the group. Whenever he makes a mistake, he lies/makes excuses.

Sanji is the cook. He has extremely long legs which he uses for fighting (among other things). He is obsessed with women and he always wears a suit.

Chopper is the pet, doctor & the youngest of the Strawhats. He usually is the one who laughs at Usopp’s antics.

Franky is the shipwright. He likes showing off his muscles.

Brooke is the musician, he is completely random.

Source: Share the World Offshot
Credits: hao-sama @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 091130 JaeSuChun to Decide whether to Start Solo Activities

This news is not allowed to be taken out from OneTVXQ.

Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
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TVXQ’s JaeChunSu trio to hold “secret” fanmeeting in Korea

Looks like the rift between TVXQ members may be widening – latest rumor has it that Jaejoong, Junsu & Yoochun (JaeChunSu) have been planning a secret fanmeeting with Cassiopeians without Yunho & Changmin (HoMin).

“Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun will hold a fanmeeting in Korea with their fans,” an official from Best Hits Song Festival reportedly revealed. “The December event is still being planned, and the date and location have not been confirmed yet.”

Although this may not be any indication of a personal dispute between the members, the disunity will undoubtedly be glaringly obvious at this event. Furthermore, what will SM Entertainment think of this “secretive” act of defiance?

Stay tuned as this event develops; this will undoubtedly be interesting to follow. Make sure to visit the One TVXQ Forums, the top hotspot for international Cassiopeians worldwide.


SM “working on having all five member make an appearance.” quoted by SM.

TVXQ to appear on NHK’s “Red and White Song Battle”

Korean idol group TVXQ is set to appear on NHK TV’s “Red and White Song Battle” next month,
according to the Japanese broadcaster’s website.

NHK announced on its official website on Tuesday that the K-pop boy band will appear on “Battle”,
which has been Japan’s signature year-end festivity for the past sixty years.

The show brings together the most successful music acts in the country and Asia and divides them
into two teams — the Red Team for female artists and the White Team for male artists.
The singers or groups perform for their teams and the winning team is decided at the very end of the show,
which ends shortly before midnight.

According to the report by NHK, TVXQ will be performing for the White Team which includes 24 other
top singers and groups such as Arashi and SMAP.
This makes TVXQ the only Korean artist to appear on “Battle” for two consecutive years.

TVXQ, a five-member boy band, is one of most successful K-pop acts in Asia.
Recently, the group has not been performing as a group since three of its members are
currently in a legal dispute with their agency SM Entertainment.

SM, however, was quoted as saying that they are “working on having all five member make an appearance.”

“Battle” airs live on NHK channel on December 31.

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