[Video/News] SNSD SeoHyun gives her husband CN Blue Jung YongHwa a surprise in WGM 03.07.2010

Jung YongHwa is Jealous!!!

On the most recent episode of MBC We Got Married‘, SeoHyun preparedsurprise event for her husband, Jung YongHwa.

On this episode, SeoHyun waited for her husband, who was returning from an overseas concert. When Jung YongHwa called her at that moment asking where she was, she lied awkwardly, saying that she was at home.

Once Jung YongHwa approached his car, he was shocked to see SeoHyun hiding in the trunk. His other members shouted out loud due to the shock, causing laughter amongst themselves.

SeoHyun then expressed her sad feelings of having to hear about their overseas concert from 2AM’sJinwoon. Jung YongHwa was sorry, but also expressed his slight jealousy by saying, “So she does keep in touch with Jinwoon.”

Once they arrived at their house, SeoHyun prepared a juice on the spot for her exhausted husband. Upon seeing his wife’s act, Jung YongHwa showed a satisfied expression, causing the panel to make jealous comments towards the two.

Once he took a sip of the juice, Jung YongHwa went on to repeatedly tell her that the it was good. After drinking the juice from their couple cups, Jung YongHwa sent SeoHyun off to school.

In the same episode, the ‘Adam Couple’, Jokwon and Gain, ended their first night in their new home with a glass of wine.

SourceKim Ha Jin @tvdaily.co.kr
Translationch0sshi @kpoplive.com


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