[INFO] Jay Park International Fan Meet Schedule Announced, MALAYSIA

Friday, September 24th – Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Please check back for updates on venues, where to purchase tickets, and more details about the Fan Meets!

JAYWALKERS MALAYSIA will be selling a official club t-shirt and membership in order to raise fund for Jay’s welcome gift and surprise! Meanwhile, everyone are advice to wear the club tshirt to show our unity! 🙂
p/s: Tshirt design will release tonight 20/7/2010, at this forum! Thanks!

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OMG..i cant wait for this..Jaywalkers are you for this…lets support him with all of our love


Jay Park – Count on me ( nothing on you)

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yeahhh..its out..cant wait for the full version \(^0^)/

100713 Jay Park Count on you Making MV + Inteview (en)

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OMG…love when we can see and hear his voice…love the song..love the MV..

Is Jay Park Preparing for a Comeback in Korea?

…And Jay Park does it again! From singing a  designed for Michael Jackson, to leaving adorable little photos on his Twitter page, the boy just never stops giving fans reasons to love him! After the recent release of his version of ‘Nothing on You’ with American artist B.o.B, it seems that is now making  for his Korean comeback!

Fans recently found out that Jay travelled to Taiwan last month to record a song in . Apparently, he also  to do some shooting for a music video while in the country, so now many are curious as to whether he will be really making a comeback in Korea or not. One of Jay’s associates this information, saying, “Jaebum has already completed the song recording and music video filming while in Taiwan. Jaebum  in creating the actual choreography and styling of the music video. We’re all very satisfied with it.”

However, the song that Jay recorded while in Taiwan is actually just a Korean translation of ‘Nothing on You.’ This means that the copyright and publications rights are currently under fierce debate; while this news may sound  at first, it actually has led even more people to believe that Jay truly is going to start promotions in Korea pretty soon. Warner Music Korea stated that “it is true that he recorded a song in Korean,” and revealed their plans to “release the song as soon as the issue with copyright regarding the original song is solved.” Unfortunately, however, the entertainment company went on to say that they “know nothing about his activities in Korea. That’s something [that] Jaebum’s associates must handle.”

Give all of this information, what are your predictions as to whether Jay will be making a full comeback in Korea or not?

Source: newsen + Korean Journal

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What Do Jay Park and Michael Jackson Have in Common?

Many of you Jaywalkers have probably heard of ‘Demon’ – that is, one of the singles which Jay Parkwill be singing for the ‘Hype Nation’ soundtrack. You probably also know that producer Teddy Rileygave that  to him to sing. But do you know who the song was actually created for?

According to what Riley told , the original owner of the song had been pop king Michael Jacksonhimself. However, after the artist died, Riley gave the song to , saying that working with the bboy made him think of his days of working with and promoting Michael Jackson during his promotions for hit single ‘Dangerous.’ If there ever was a contest for biggest compliment  to a budding solo artist, this would have to be the winner! Considering the incredible amount of fame Michael Jackson during his career (as well as the heaps of  he had), this shows that Riley must have an amazing amount of respect for Korea’s  ex-idol.

I’d love to end this article by saying “hopefully, Jay will live up to such expectations,” but that doesn’t need to be said, does it? We all already know that not only will he do so, but he will exceed them as well! Wouldn’t you agree?

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Jaybum Park Compilation piccas….(♡o♡)

Just miss him so much..after he’s saying that he will be back to korea for shooting a movie..

i’m totally waiting for his return..and then when he’s saying that he want us to give suggestion for his fan name…

woahhhh he’s really a sweet person..Jaywalker..hehehe here just some of his piccas that he had tweet…

just wanna shared it with all….

CHeesing, 1, 2,3 say 김치 ^ㅠ^

방금찍은거 하하 took this right now , yo this twitter pic thing is easy hahaha

멍멍이 하하 my hairs to long man i might just shave it off art of movement.

대한민국!! South Korea all day wassup son

jay park and Ted Sherman lol~ guess who’s son he is. 누구의아들일까요 ㅋㅋ

시차적응잘안되는재범 ~ been up since 6 30~ lol

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