Is Jay Park Preparing for a Comeback in Korea?

…And Jay Park does it again! From singing a  designed for Michael Jackson, to leaving adorable little photos on his Twitter page, the boy just never stops giving fans reasons to love him! After the recent release of his version of ‘Nothing on You’ with American artist B.o.B, it seems that is now making  for his Korean comeback!

Fans recently found out that Jay travelled to Taiwan last month to record a song in . Apparently, he also  to do some shooting for a music video while in the country, so now many are curious as to whether he will be really making a comeback in Korea or not. One of Jay’s associates this information, saying, “Jaebum has already completed the song recording and music video filming while in Taiwan. Jaebum  in creating the actual choreography and styling of the music video. We’re all very satisfied with it.”

However, the song that Jay recorded while in Taiwan is actually just a Korean translation of ‘Nothing on You.’ This means that the copyright and publications rights are currently under fierce debate; while this news may sound  at first, it actually has led even more people to believe that Jay truly is going to start promotions in Korea pretty soon. Warner Music Korea stated that “it is true that he recorded a song in Korean,” and revealed their plans to “release the song as soon as the issue with copyright regarding the original song is solved.” Unfortunately, however, the entertainment company went on to say that they “know nothing about his activities in Korea. That’s something [that] Jaebum’s associates must handle.”

Give all of this information, what are your predictions as to whether Jay will be making a full comeback in Korea or not?

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Dennis Oh Joins the Cast of ‘Hype Nation’

Amidst all the bad news that’s been  to the making of ‘Hype Nation,’ some pleasant information has popped up! It appears that  Dennis Oh will be joining the likes of Jay Park and other co-stars as a cast member in the movie.

On July 5th, agency Butterfly Entertainment issued a  proclaiming that “Dennis Oh finalized an agreement with Hype Nation’s producer’s last month.” With his addition to the cast, Oh will be playing the role of a  launderer and tycoon of the Gamblerz crew known as Tony Cain. This marks the first time in which Oh will be the antagonist in a film.

Most of the filming for Dennis Oh’s lines (which are mostly English) will commence in mid-July; besides his activities for ‘Hype Nation,’ he will also be working as part of the cast for the remake of ‘Autumn in My Heart’ as Wonbin during this month. Here’s to hoping great  for the actor in both of his roles!

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‘Hype Nation’ is Boycotted by Korean Reporters

After being faced with suspicions and doubts from outside associates, ‘Hype Nation’ has once again failed to impress Korean entertainment representatives. On July 6, reporters declared a boycott against the movie in their anger, refusing to have anything more to do with its activities.

What made the reporters so angry? According to many of these workers, associates for ‘Hype Nation’had proclaimed that they would be revealing the filming scene on the evening of July 6th, at 8PM. Excited reporters who raced to the set were only met with disappointment when they were greeted with an associate who told them, “Jaebeom will be arriving late. He might be coming at 9:30PM but nothing is confirmed.” Upset with the delay, 30 reporters immediately declared a boycott and began packing their materials to leave.

To add oil to fire, it was soon discovered that ‘Hype Nation’ hadn’t planned to open a conference at the filming in the first place. In fact, nothing regarding the filming had been confirmed at all! This unprofessionalism enraged many reporters at the scene, and one went so far as to compare the movie’s planning with that of ‘Tranformers’’: Last year, [the] ‘Transformers’  team received criticism for their late arrival and their aggressive, ‘not our fault’ attitudes. It seems as if ‘Hype Nation’ is following in the footsteps of [such] Hollywood movies.”

Unfortunately, if lead role Jay Park is hoping to regain all the popularity he may have lost in South Korea and more, this unprofessional way of handling things certainly can’t mean any good to his future. With the inexperience the movie workers have shown, along with its secretive ways of working, many associates are giving grim predictions for the eventual popularity of the film.

Source: world journal