[News] Eugene’s First Appearance In “Bread, Love And Dreams”

Actress Yoo Jin has transformed into a university student with innocent beauty.

Yoo Jin appeared for the first time in the 8th episode of “Bread, Love, and Dreams (written by Kang Eun Young, directed by Lee Jeong Sub),” which was aired on July 1, as a university student named Yoo Kyung. In a released still, Yoo Jin displayed the innocent style of university student in the 1980s by wearing a plaid shirt and sporting a ponytail.

Yoo Kyung became a university student with an excellent academic record at an elite university, majoring in sociology. She accidentally met Ja Rim (Choi Yoon Young) at school and found out that she is Tak Koo’s half sister, and with hope that she might be able to meet Tak Koo again through Ja Rim, Yoo Kyung has become close to her.

Choi Yoon Young showed off a romantic appearance by wearing a striped shirt with a short wavy hairstyle. The cast members of “Bread, Love and Dreams” have been changed from child actors to adults actors, and from the 7th episode, it will portray the story in the period of reviving baking skills in earnest. As new supporting actors including Jang Hang Sun, Park Sang Myeon, Lee Han Wie, and Park Sung Woong have begun appearing in the drama, it is expected that the drama will present more exciting stories to watch.

“Bread, Love and Dreams” is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55 pm on KBS 2TV.

Source:KBS Global

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