Is Taeyang’s ‘I Need A Girl’ MV Plagiarized?

With many new releases comes something that most stars hope to avoid – rumors of plagiarism. Unfortunately, Taeyang’s solo comeback has been no exception. A few viewers of the MV to ‘I Need A Girl’ recently spotted some scene similarities between the music video and that of another artist, which raised a few questions concerning the originality of ‘I Need A Girl.’

Viewers then posted their observations on a popular Korean site, and made sure to provide screenshots to explain what they meant. The particular scene in question shows Taeyang’s profileview, singing to some lyrics (‘Baby I need you / girl, you need me too’) written to the left of his face. This was then compared to what the poster of the entry said was a scene in the music video forPharrell’s ‘N.E.R.D,’ in which the artist is seen with his own lyrics onscreen as well.

Some speculate that this may be the reason behind why YG Entertainment has been removing all copies of the ‘I Need A Girl’ MV on Youtube lately, while others claim that these accusations of plagiarism are nonsense. Those who hold the latter opinion are saying that YGE only does this because some fans have expressed disappointment towards the video.

Granted, none of these theories have been proven to be completely true, but take the time to take a look at the two screenshots below and reflect upon your own knowledge of the MV to ‘I Need A Girl.’View and decide for yourself – does this similarity count as plagiarism?

Source: daum