In Malaysia :: Beast, 4minute and G.Na

for Kpop lovers..lets grab this chance right now…

Catch the Beast, 4minute and G.Na at the


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World Cup Germany V Espanol… nervous watching this game…germany wearing white’s today as usual…but then..there is NO MUELLER..becoz he g0t yellow card before during the match with Argentina… sad…unfair for him to got the card…

0k..back t0 the game…as usual..their strategy..4-5-1……klose in the front lead his whole team..

OMG first half…still no goal…so upset with the game…i was hoping they will scored 1 or 2 goal…miss mueller suddenly..hahahahahha

my support to germany team…yeahh

when i found this bottle..yeahh i n0e i must grab this fast..ahhahah..although no south korea i still want to buy it..and the reason also because of black in color..hahahah my favourite…

oh noooooooo..OMG…my poor baby germany..what happen with you today..the game looks so messy today..

dont tell me you guys believe with that “paul” stupid octopus..i’m gonna kill it and make sushi..

so upset..totally upset…no mood again..

the game finish with Germany 0..Spain 1….

Yoonleader Birthday!!!

yeahhhh…its time for our Yoonleader birthday…



사랑하는 우리 두준….


may all your dream come true for this year…feeling so bad coz cant met you and others member during your time here in malaysia…make sure to come here again ok…xoxo from me to you..hehehe

Jaybum Park Compilation piccas….(♡o♡)

Just miss him so much..after he’s saying that he will be back to korea for shooting a movie..

i’m totally waiting for his return..and then when he’s saying that he want us to give suggestion for his fan name…

woahhhh he’s really a sweet person..Jaywalker..hehehe here just some of his piccas that he had tweet…

just wanna shared it with all….

CHeesing, 1, 2,3 say 김치 ^ㅠ^

방금찍은거 하하 took this right now , yo this twitter pic thing is easy hahaha

멍멍이 하하 my hairs to long man i might just shave it off art of movement.

대한민국!! South Korea all day wassup son

jay park and Ted Sherman lol~ guess who’s son he is. 누구의아들일까요 ㅋㅋ

시차적응잘안되는재범 ~ been up since 6 30~ lol

work out mode


cre: JayPark

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows….

owhhh…after waiting for a long time…the trailer

its already out…

in the h0use…..yeahhhhh

woahhhhh..really can’t wait for this movie..its the last episode…kyaaaaa…when will it come out..owhhhh its on november…still long long time lor…and the most important is, its been divide into 2 part…hahahah i think they want to make the story longer and longer so that we will not forget about this “harry potter” and of cause to make us feel curious…yeahhh of cause since we can’t watch the ending and then…jeng jeng come the 2 part of the story…hoohohoho

here are the official link of this coming movie : harry potter

or also can watch the trailer here :

~~ enjoy it ~~

Happy Birthday Park Jung Soo….(♡o♡)

생일 축하합니다…

생일 축하합니다…

사랑하는 우리 특이 오빠…

생일 축하합니다…… ♬~♬~♬ ~

생일축하해 \(^_^)/ (♡o♡)

Oppa may all wish come true…stay healthy and eat a lot…

make sure to take care of your health OK!!

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