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Alice Soy videotapes Donghae sleeping

Korean actress Alice Soy Kim recently uploaded a video ofSuper Junior’s Donghae sleeping onto her Twitter.

She captioned the post,

“#WhatAreYouDoingOnSaturdayAfternoon? SJ Donghae episode.”

In the video, she goes up to Donghae while he is sleeping and asks him what he is doing on Saturday.

The conversation went a little like this:

A: Donghae…Donghae…Wake up…Wake up for a second.
D: Why?
A: Nuna has a serious question.
D: Yeah
A: What are you doing this Saturday afternoon?
D: Saturday?
A: Yeah
D: What do I have? Do I have something?
A: I don’t know. How am I supposed to know?
D: I’ll probably have practice or some scheduled thing.
A: Oh, I see. You probably have Music Core.
D: Yeah, I think so.
A: Oh
D: (mumbles something)
A: What? Radio? What?
D: Look over there. Over there.
A: What? Over there? WHAT IS THAT?

Then the message at the end, on a piece of paper, says, “Raspberry Field First Single Being Sold!!”

watch the vid here :-

Alice is part of the indie band, Raspberry Field which has recently released their single album, Saturday Afternoon. So before your mind wander, Donghae is probably helping her to do some promotion.

The two first sparked interest when they were spotted at a library together since they attend the same university. Maybe, they are more than friends. Who knows? But someone please tell me what their relationship is.


[INFO] Jay Park International Fan Meet Schedule Announced, MALAYSIA

Friday, September 24th – Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Please check back for updates on venues, where to purchase tickets, and more details about the Fan Meets!

JAYWALKERS MALAYSIA will be selling a official club t-shirt and membership in order to raise fund for Jay’s welcome gift and surprise! Meanwhile, everyone are advice to wear the club tshirt to show our unity! 🙂
p/s: Tshirt design will release tonight 20/7/2010, at this forum! Thanks!

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OMG..i cant wait for this..Jaywalkers are you for this…lets support him with all of our love

100718 SBS Inkigayo Super Junior – N0 0ther

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Little Shindong on Star King!

This week’s Star King has been garnering a lot of attention since it showcased the best of the best in a special competition.

$5,000 was to be rewarded to the best participate of Star King from the first-half of the year, 2010!

The lucky contestant who snagged this prize was 5 year old Hwang Min Woo, a mini sized version of Super Junior’s Shindong . This cute little boy flawlessly showcasedRain’s infamous ‘abs dance’ from Love Song and also perfected Super Junior’sBONAMANA dance.

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SHINee- Lucifer MV Teaser (루시퍼)

omg shaking and crying right now ;__; i cant even express how happy i am for this comeback! I will need some time to get used to Key’s hair but they all look so amazing! Minho! ♥

btw, here’s the tracklist for SHINee’s new album Lucifer 8D

01. UP & DOWN
02. Lucifer
03. Electric Heart
04. A-Yo
05. 욕(慾) (Obsession)
06. 화살 (Quasimodo)
07. 악 (Shout Out)
09. Your Name
10. Life
11. Ready or Not
12. Love Pain
13. 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)

you can preorder the album here:

Type A:…

Type B:…

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Super Junior’s Logo Song MV is Out!

Yesterday, it was that Super Junior would sing a logo song for Strong Heart, and today the MV for the kang shim jang is out!


Lyrics/Composed etc by Donghae
feat. Leeteuk Eunhyuk Donghae Shindong

Video  Credit: yan91 @

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