Which One Piece Character are the DBSK/THSK/TVXQ Members Like?

Yunho’s list
Yunho – Luffy
Changmin – Chopper
Jaejoong – Zoro
Yoochun – Sanji
Junsu – Usopp

Changmin’s List
Yunho – Luffy
Changmin – Usopp
Jaejoong – Zoro
Yoochun – Chopper
Junsu – ?

Jaejoong’s List
Yunho – Luffy
Changmin – Nami
Jaejoong – Brooke
Yoochun – Sanji
Junsu – Usopp

Yoochun’s List
Yunho – unknown
Changmin – unknown
Jaejoong – Franky
Yoochun – unknown
Junsu – unknown

Junsu’s List
Yunho – Luffy
Changmin – Usopp
Jaejoong – Zoro
Yoochun – Chopper
Junsu – Sanji

For those who aren’t One Piece fans, a bit of background info:

Luffy is the Captain of the Strawhat Pirates, and seeing that Yunho is the leader of TVXQ!, not to mention Luffy & Yunho are both stubborn and weird, this is very apt indeed.

Zoro is the First mate/Second in Command. He is very manly and he loves to workout.

Nami is the navigator who has a penchant for money & a fiery temper. Everyone obeys her. She is the brains of the crew.

Usopp is the sharpshooter. He is the funniest and the weakest of the group. Whenever he makes a mistake, he lies/makes excuses.

Sanji is the cook. He has extremely long legs which he uses for fighting (among other things). He is obsessed with women and he always wears a suit.

Chopper is the pet, doctor & the youngest of the Strawhats. He usually is the one who laughs at Usopp’s antics.

Franky is the shipwright. He likes showing off his muscles.

Brooke is the musician, he is completely random.

Source: Share the World Offshot
Credits: hao-sama @ OneTVXQ.com
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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