Super Junior Lee Teuk, “Whenever TaeYeon sees me, she calls me an ajusshi”

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Super Junior has revealed that he has been called an ajusshi by many, starting from So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon.

Lee Teuk wrote on his minihompy on 25th August saying, “When TaeYeon sees me, she calls me an ajusshi..Heuk heuk..Am I really an ajusshi?” this has caught the attention of fans who would also call their idols by ‘oppa’.

Fans responded by “TaeYeon is just joking”, “What ajusshi! You are our oppa forever”, “I will call you oppa still even if you are 50 years old”, “PeterMan Lee Teuk oppa will never grown old”. The messages were not only from fans in Korea but also from China, Japan and America.

Meanwhile, Lee Teuk has always shown the good relationship between Super Junior and So Nyeo Shi Dae, he wrote on his minihompy on 25th August, “I’m a bowling genius. Everyone is quiet below me. KangIn, DongHae, EunHyuk, TaeYeon, YoonA and MinHo are you shocked? We are a family after all.”

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DBSK’s Group Actitivies Suspended


Dong Bang Shin Ki outdoor concert, a-nation that is pre-scheduled to be held on August 29th in Osaka, Japan will keep going on.

After the provisional disposition facing DBSK’s agent SM Entertainment to stop exclusive contract effect from part of DBSK members, it’s been a difficult environment for DBSK to continue their activities, therefore the continuance of DBSK future activities has been gathered lot of fans’ attention ever since.

Recently DBSK’s Korea label SM Entertainment and Japanese label AVEX don’t catch any additional schedules other than ones have been pre-arranged. Except Yunho who will debut in MBC drama “Heading to The Ground”, the remaining members are said to be having break naturally.

Members activities will be stopped at least for 2 months is being certain, but members’ concert in Shanghai that has been planned to proceed on October 2nd is expected to be executed.

The provisional disposition against SM Entertainment filed by 3 DBSK members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu has received its first hearing on August 21st in the morning. The judge at that time said, “For the sake of public responsible to DBSK biggest fans and also the members internal relationship, I hope the two sides to consider settlement of this dispute amicably.” advising for a consensus.

Next hearing will be held on September 11th.

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Super Junior M To Make September Comeback?


The latest word in the rumor mill has it that Super Junior’s third subgroup, SJ-M, will be making a comeback on September 10 in Shanghai! One of the Chinese members, Zhoumi, supposedly confirmed in a response to a fan that the seven-man group was in Korea and that recording was already finished. We have yet to hear an official statement on this, but there’s enough talk to beckon a bit of curiosity.

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[MV] DBSK – Picture Of You

love diz mv….pure of white… their clothes…minnie really look many wif da shades….

Jaejoong in Quiz to Change The World show

Showbiz Extra Top 5 Male Singers

09.08.01 Official Statement From AVEX In THSK’s Official Site

August 1, 2009

Avex Entertainment Inc.

In response to some reports made:

Yesterday, the Korean media made some reports with regards to SM Entertainment Co. Ltd (Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea), which involved the members of Tohoshinki.

To all the fans, and to everyone who is concerned, we are regretful and sorry for the worries that we have caused you.

Regarding the reports, we are confirming this matter with SM Entertainment Co. Ltd, who is our business partner, but we are unable to get anything concrete as yet.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience, and we seek your understanding in this matter.

However, at this point in time, there will be no change in their upcoming schedules.

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