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yeahhhhhhh….after 0ur hardwork…finally they w0n again….with ELF p0wer nothing can be stop….


Teuki’s CYworld 090429

..Beloved Donghae.. (…Special…)
2009.04.29 at 01:31 AM

..My brother Lee Dong Hae..who’s now become more than a fellow member of the group..

..it’s been 10 years together..we’ve been through alot..

..Happiness Sadness Joy Tears..we’ve been through it all..my little brother..

..when I come back from a tiring schedule..

..my brother makes me laugh by saying..hyung!!!hyung’s really jjang..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

..how do you do it on broadcasts?..kekekeke I’m so jealous..kekekeke

..my little brother who can make me smile..

..when I lay down to sleep… he calls out hyung!!!!!!!……

..I’m going to (sleep) beside hyung..and hw slips into the blankets..

..and then because it’s annoying I kick him away..ㅋㅋㅋ then he comes back pretending to be upset

..but its really annoying..kekekekekekekekekekekekekekek *and the laughter goes on*

..he said: Hyung! When I leave for China again, you’ll be lonely.

..now he’s in HongKong…and I’m really lonely..ke

..early morning even though he’s tired he’s always willing to talk about worries and troubles throughout the night…

..he always says..that he’ll always believe in me and will always follow me…and it’s because hyung is doing well..and he gives me strength…ㅠㅠ

..Donghae ya!! I want you to be happy always!!!…

…do you remember that time when we were crying together because we didn’t know what the future held for us, whether we would be able to succeed, before we debuted?..kkkk

..as now you’re working ahead so well..so don’t be worried now..

..Do your best!! Hyung will work hard as well and become the best Idol, and best MC….kekeke

..and then get secured..and bring you up!!!!!!!kekekekeke promise!!!

..I’m alone in this big room..I’m lonely..I miss you..keke

..Your father in Heaven is always watching over you and supporting you..!!!!

..Thank you..!! Like you always said our health is the most important!!!..

..You be healthy too!!

..My little brother Lee Donghae…!! I LOVE YOU……………………^^v

Original Source. 박정수 Cyworld
Credits to *//{baby해}, carolyn & soundscape at SJ-WORLD.NET+sapphirepearls



i really l0ve diz p0st fr0m teuki teuki t0 fishie….s0 touching n cant stop crying…TT…sharing same room make teuki teuki 0ppa missing fishie s0 much..0ppa saranga uljima ne….



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0ppa chukhaeyo0…ELF p0wer dat supp0rt y0u 2 g0t diz winning…

super juni0r hwaiting!!!

Super Junior M endorses Pepsi

090428 SJ M @ Hong Kong to Pepsi Press Conference

Super Junior M members are the new models for popular drink Pepsi.

Super Junior M who was on their 2nd visit to HongKong on the 27th, announced the news at the press conference at Garden Farm Golf Centre on the 28th.

The conference is call ‘Pepsi Super Junior M collaboration press conference’ saw the presence of 300 fans. Super Junior M members also tried on the traditional music instruments Reco Reco, Agogo and Guiro etc.

Other Asian stars who have endorsed the products are F4, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai etc. Super Junior M members have already went for the filming of the CF in Thailand in February.

source: kbites

cr vid: v.korea.sohu.com

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TVXQ 27th Single breaks Oricon’s No.1 overseas greatest records


TVXQ has once again occupied the number 1 position of Oricon’s weekly chart.

TVXQ announced on April 22 that they have once again occupied the Oricon’s weekly chart with their Japanese new single ‘Share the World!’. With this, this had made TVXQ have 6 number 1 weekly charts which had made them the new No.1 ‘Overseas Artist.’

The group’s 27th Japanese Single ‘Share the World!’ has also occupied Number 1 position for Oricon’s album sales and Number 1 position for Oricon Weekly Chart.

Oricon has posted news on April 28 on how TVXQ has succeedly have their 6th Number 1 single on their weekly chart. Which set the Number 1 Overseas artists record.

According to recent news, TVXQ has also hitted number 1 with their hits ‘Purple Line’ back in Jan 2008, ‘Beautiful You’, ‘JUMON-Mirotic’ and ‘Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky’. This establishes the best record at the Japanese successive overseas artist at the beginning.

‘Share the world’ is currently being used as the 9th opening music for the anime-series ‘One Piece’ ‘The Secret Code’ (their latest hit) was also used in a series-drama.

The 27th single `Share The World’ which meantime, shines to Oricon weekly single chart 1st place will be in Korea on May 6th in CD and CD+DVD 2 kind versions for domestic license sold. The DVD will contain `Share The World’ music video sketch image and translation Text record especially which will cause a hot reaction.

Credits to: MTV.co.kr (Source)
Translated by: ♥ NaNo NaNdOz @ asianfanatics.net

SujuM shooting CF Pepsi










cre : sarangsj + sapphirepearls

Suju On the Entertainment relay’s Guerilla


Super Junior have expressed their depp inside thought through KBS Entertainment relay’s Guerilla date.
On the Entertainment relay’s Guerilla date which was aired on April 25th, Super Junior have talked about who they want to be 20 years later : producer, self-employed, etc…
The members who want to be producer are Leeteuk & Eunhyuk and the members who want to be self-employed are Yesung & Sungmin & Shindong. Shiwon wants to be an actor.Kangin said jokingly “I might become a sportsman” and “My body would grow just after a sleep”
Kangin said “20 years later I want to be a broadcast/TV person”, “I’ve been indifferent to the members for 1,2 years because I have too many individual activities” and “From now on I will love the members more”. Also, Kangin expressed his thought about the abusive language he had to hear. Although those are abusive language about your one-time mistake, you still cant show your angry/displeasure, you have to keep it inside, Kangin said “There have been some nights that I cried when I sleep”.

Leeteuk talked about the different thought between him and his same-age friends. Leeteuk said “My friends were discharged from military service and they worried that where they’d work or how to get along with things. And when they asked me about my troubles, I have the thought that I myself and the same-age idols are having different problems”

Also, Yesung said “My Dad’s health is not good, he must be tired, I hope he’d be better”

original article is here and here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

cre: sapphirepearls

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