World Asia 30 Hottest Artists 09


Note: The number of votes depended on credit cards spent.

(More than 50 million votes)

2. Super Junior
(More than 25 million votes)
3. Rain
(More than 2 million votes)
4. Wonder Girls
(More than 8 hundred thousan votes)
5. BigBang
(More than 8 hundred thousan votes)
6. SS501
7. FT.island
8. Xing
9. Super Nova
10 . SHINee
11 . Kattun
12 . Boa
13 . Epik High
14 . NEWS
15 . lolli pop
16 . Fahrenheit
17 . Seven
18 . So Nyeo Shi Dae
19 . Arashi
20 . U-kiss
21 . ZhangLiyin
22 . Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace
23 . 2pm
24 . Teppei
25 . Hay ! Say ! Jump
26 . Battle
27 . Paran
28 . Kara
29 . Yaya yah!
30 . Jay Chou , X-JAPAN

source: Korean Magazine
credit: Siamzone + shineeTH + SHINeee
translated by: kika@ shineee


TVXQ in Hollywood Movie OST, Fast and the Furious


5 male members group D-ong Bang Shin Ki’s Rising Sun was inserted in the song list of United States’ Blockbuster Movie “Fast and Furious”.

Rising Sun was registered in the site of “Fast & Furious (2009)”, while the singer Dong Bang Shin Ki was introduced as TVXQ, taken from its Chinese pronunciation “Tong Vfang Xien Qi”.

“Fast and Furious: The Original” is scheduled to be released world wide on April 2nd, wherein Rising Sun becomes the background music in the characters’ chasing scene.

Rising Sun is a work by composer Yoo Young Jin and was one of the tracks in Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 2nd album with the same title “Rising Sun” released in September 2005.

source: Star News
credit: karisachan @ onetvxq
translated by: sharingyoochun

Bangkok Int’l Motor Show Graced By DBSK


[30th March 2009 – 18.30 – Bitec Bangna] Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ!) members Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Choikang Changmin and U-Know Yunho have flown all the way to Thailand as presenters of YAMAHA NOUVO ELEGANCE motorcycle at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2009. Loads of fans (Cassiopeias) welcomed and cheered for them.

Fans have been coming to the YAMAHA MOTOR booth to wait for TVXQ! since morning. Once TVXQ! arrived on stage the fans cheered very loudly for a very long time!

As soon as the interview started, the MCs asked right away “Have you heard of Bangkok International Motor Show before?” To this Yunho replied “First of all, we’d like to greet the Thai fans ‘Sawasdee krub, Dong Bang Shin Ki krub’. To answer your question, we’ve heard that this is an annual event for all kinds of vehicles. We feel honored to be part of this event.”

In addition the BIKE OF THE YEAR 2009 Award goes to YAMAHA NOUVO ELEGANCE 135. Changmin reveals “I’m glad and proud that YAMAHA NOUVO ELEGANCE won the award. We weren’t expecting this and we’re happy to be part of it’s success.”

Junsu mentions about TVXQ!’s current activities “As you all know, right now we have activities in Japan and we’re preparing for our live tour there. We’ll have our (Asian) tour concert in Thailand soon. Please look forward to it.” Yunho added “In future, if we have the chance, we’ll try to visit Thailand as often as we can.”

“You guys have so much to do! Do you get any rest?” JaeJoong promptly replied “Actually we do have breaks. We meet our friends, listen to music, greet our fans in websites.” When asked which tourist attraction he wants to visit, Jaejoong says “I want to go to Chiangmai!” And fans cheered loudly again!

The highlight of this interview is the five members’ speaking Thai phrases. Junsu’s “Xiah Junsu jud hai!” (Xiah Junsu made it for you! / Xiah Junsu provided it!), Yoochun’s “Ngan khao!” (literally means “Incoming work!”, basically means “Gonna be (kept) busy!”), Jaejoong’s “Micky Yoochun pe mak!” (Micky Yuchun’s right on target!), Changmin’s “Nae-non yoo laew!” (That’s for sure! / Of course!) and Yunho’s “Nuovo Elegance doan! Doan sud sud laew! Doan!” (I love Nuovo Elegance! ‘doan’ literally means touch, hit, strike, bump against – in this case ‘touch (my heart)’). All those phrases certainly raised the fans’ blood pressure!

Before leaving, they also have a few words for Thai fans. Junsu said “We returned one month after SMTOWN concert and the fans received us with so much warmth. Thank you to all fans. We’re extremely happy.” Yoochun added “We’re also very happy to be this close to our Thai fans. We’ll have a (mini) fansigning event after this, lets make good memories and hope we’ll always be like this.” Jaejoong said “We have visited Thailand a few times. We’ll try to come more often. And I haven’t had my elephant ride – I’d really love to do that!” As for magnae Changmin “Thai fans receive us with so much love! We’ll try to come more often and thank you for all the support you’ve given us.” Finally leadershi Yunho’s turn “Thailand is a charming country. Whenever we come we fall for our lovely and kind fans’ charms. As for the concert, it won’t be that long a wait!”

After the interview, TVXQ! held a fansigning event for over 50 lucky fans, happily and enthusiastically. The fans who attended the day’s event all returned home with smiles on their faces.

Note: Chiangmai is one of Thailand’s well-known tourist attraction. It’s one of the northern provinces that have elephant centers.
Note: If you connect the five Thai phrases, they not only serve Thai fans, but also serve as YAMAHA NOUVO ELEGANCE campaign.

source: Pingbook
credit: shangomar @ iscreamshinki
translated by: srisin @ Soompi

DBSK Epop Magazine Issue. 200


Q: What do you think you’ll be like at 25?
JJ: Still a DBSK member, but I’ll be more skilled than now, I’ll be doing better… you can say this is what I hope to be like 2 years from now!

Q: What do you think is the difference between the you right now and 2 years later?
JJ: I think I’ll still be the same~ but I’d know myself much more, and I’d be sure to stay humble.

Q: Physically(?) what will be different?
JJ: I feel that time really flies, I’ll be 25 soon. Honestly, I really don’t want to grow up! Although I want my thoughts and thinking to mature, physically I hope my body would stay young… recently I’ve started to feel that I’m not as fit as before –laughs-

Q: Is Jaejoong unwell? (something like ‘is your body not healthy/feeling well)
JJ: no… no… it’s just that compared to last time in my teens, the level of exhaustion is different, that’s why I’m doing my best in working out! If I don’t, in 2 years time who knows I might even collapse on stage… this CANNOT happen to DBSK! Even when I’m 25, I’d still want to feel like a DBSK member, giving everyone a handsome dance performance on stage!

Q: If situation allows, when do you hope to take a break?
JJ: at 25 I guess~ to me, 25 years old is the peak. (I don’t know how to translate this part. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense ==) It’s like when red turns to green, and red represents the peak, then bright red is the point of explosion! From my personal view, I think 25 years old is that bright red period~ of course, that’s just my personal opinion!


Q: What do you think you’ll be like at 25?
YH: hmm 2 years from now… I think I’ll be doing DBSK activities(?) and traveling around the world at the same time! That time might be really busy, but I still want to go on holiday, so I’ll be trying my best to beg the staff to give us day offs! –laugh-

Q: Which country do you want to visit most?
YH: Places like Greece, Las Vegas, Bora Bora, Maldives… there are many places I want to visit. But I’m most interested in visiting Greece, because I’ve only seen pictures of it. But if I really want to go to all these places I think I’ll need more than a month!

Q: Do you prefer traveling alone or with friends?
YH: It’s alright to go with friends, but if there is an opportunity I’d like to travel alone. That time I won’t be DBSK’s U-Know Yunho, instead I’ll be a normal person traveling, exploring and thinking about various things.

Q: Does Yunho wish to find himself in the midst of traveling?
YH: Yes. I want to start over and get to know myself better, I want to find my true self/identity that is slowly disappearing in my busy lifestyle, and my grateful heart… I hope to ponder over these matters while traveling. I’m sure no matter how strong a person is, there is always a time where he or she would feel tired!

Q: So that means Yunho is already feeling tired?
YH: Honestly, I feel that this is the time that I have to push myself further~ But energy would run out one day, and at that time I don’t know whether I’ll be able to recharge myself (? not sure about this) , so sufficient rest is also very important.


Q: What do you think you’ll be like at 25?
JS: 3 years later? I want to get married! (interviewer: get married?!) yes. To me, at 25 years old, as a DBSK member and personally, there are many goals I want to reach. But the most important thing is, I want to become more mature.

Q: If Xiah Junsu doesn’t change, Choikang Changmin would be the first to (something along the lines of) talk bad about/make fun (of him)?
JS: yeah… this is really a problem, but that’s ok! Three years later I WILL become a mature man!

Q: Why is “to become more mature” your goal for three years later?
JS: There are times when I want to grow up quickly, but sometimes I don’t want to grow up that fast. But I am very determined to become more mature. I feel that in their thirties (30+ of age) is the time to decide whether a man is successful in life or not. Whether or not we can live our 30’s fulfillingly, is closely related to what we’re experiencing in our 20’s now. Basically, 20’s is just a period to prepare ourselves in order to live fulfillingly in our 30’s.

Q: Until now, what preparations have you made?
JS: Although I still want to play, but I’ve learned to tolerate~ I do my best in what I have to do now first, then I’ll enjoy myself to the fullest in my 30’s. I’m also curious about where I’ll be (where I’ll stand/how I’ll be) in my 30’s, but I think the difference will be big right?!

Q: Is Xiah Junsu in the middle of preparing then?
JS: Yes, so even if I face hardships, I will face them calmly, including Changmin’s teasings, I won’t take them to heart, haha! No matter what, I’ll work hard to move forward!


Q: What do you think you’ll be like at 25?
YC: No matter what, I think the thing I want to do most is sleep~ (interviewer: that’s more like what you want to do now!) yes… but 25 years old is just 2 years away, it’ll be here in the blink of an eye!

Q: How do you think your lifestyle then will differ from now?
YC: It’ll be busier than now, but I think at that time I’ll know better how to calmly(?) finish my work!

Q: Feels like DBSK is already used to being busy?
YC: Actually we’re not that used to this kind of busy lifestyle, especially as celebrities the work we do are not really the same. Although sometimes it’s refreshing, but often there are times where we don’t know what to do. Usually when I don’t know what to do anymore, I’ll have a drink while eating green peas(natto?) –laughs-

Q: Alone? Or together with the members?
YC: I usually drink with Jaejoong, when the two of us are together we usually discuss about matters involving DBSK. If it’s just me alone, then I won’t think about anything at all and allow myself to let loose(?). (not sure about this part) but no matter what I’ll never give up.

Q: Try thinking, at age 25, how will you do/what are your feelings in composing?
YC: Of course I hope more of my compositions will be in DBSK’s albums! Although my biggest wish is to get more sleep, but because I love being a DBSK member, love being together and doing activities with the members, even if it means sacrificing some rest, I still wish to continue doing activities. Now I’m like this, I think at 25 my emotions will be stronger! Honestly, I too am anticipating myself as DBSK’s Micky Yoochun in the near future!


Q: What do you think you’ll be like at 25?
CM: hmm 4 years later? -thinks hard- what will I be like? I think most likely still doing activities in Korea and Japan, but 4 years later we would sure be frequently doing activities in places like China and Taiwan.

Q: Looks like you’ll be very busy?
CM: Yeah, I don’t think it can be helped –laughs- but I believe that won’t be a problem for DBSK~ or so to say, we will work hard to overcome all problems.

Q: While visiting so many countries you might get to learn many different languages?
CM: Ahh… that’s true. I’m not too confident in mastering languages, but I hope I can at least learn the greetings fluently… much like right now?

Q: Will 25 year old Changmin be funnier?
CM: I think I’ll continue learning/trying to be funny, haha! Bur if 4 years later Junsu hyung isn’t funny anymore, and becomes charismatic, that’ll be a different story –laughs-

Q: What other differences do you think you’ll have 4 years later?
CM: Hm… I think I’ll grow a beard. Because I want to hide my whole face in my beard~ (interviewer: why is that?) no particular reason. Just want to grow a beard! Instead of saying I want to purposely grow out a beard, I’d rather let it grow freely, and totally ignore it! hehe…

source: Epop Magazine Issue 200
credit: xU♥Vcass@OneTVXQ + tvxqfever
translated by: xheartmindsoul @DBLJ

J Magazine May Issue – Junsu’s Dream Date


Everyone has been waiting long~~

A gift to you, “heart shaped” pizza that’s specially made for you, being able to see your happy face is my joy.

-Special Date-

I don’t usually do this ^^ Maybe when she’s not aware of anything i’ll prepare a surprise, and that’s cooking. Maybe she can’t imagine what dishes i’ll make. Last time on a Japanese program I cooked but I wasn’t successful (laughs).

Menu is: Because my dad’s a manager for a pizza shop in Korea, making a pizza shouldn’t be a problem.
A heart shaped pizza ^^ Ah, it’s so hard!! (laughs) But bringing a heart shaped pizza must be very surprising ^^ After arriving we can eat the pizza while watching DVD, just relax spending a day like this.

Ah, so this is a special date ^^ It’s quite a normal day after all ^^ However it’s the most comfortable day~ If it’s an outing, I really wanna go to the seaside because i like places with crowded atmosphere and it’s by the sea. In the evening we can play at the shore and when it’s night, we can go to a place with beautiful scenery. Because of work i went there before and rode on a sightseeing coach. The night scenery was absolutely beautiful~

In the still of the night staring at such breath-taking scenery and with this romantic aura, sitting beside me was my manager and at instant reality came back.

Oh yea, couple shirts!! There are a lot of people wearing couple shirts in Korea ^^ Just two people wearing it feels very goof. Of course showing off like this in front of everone is embarrassing but it’s just stating two people’s steady relationship and how loving they are. I always have a feeling like this, I think this is a very nice thought, confirm!

She and i will wear couple shirts and go to the shore and ride on a sightseeing coach!! Although it’s very eye catching but if can, I will quietly write “Good!”**

source: JJ Magazine May Issue
credit: 5ive club + TVXQbaidu + sharingyoochun
translated by: razee@TVXQfever

[HD] Super Junior – Sorry Sorry(Winning & Encore)(Mar 29, 2009)

kibum ah..0ppa did it again….hehhehehe


uhuhuhuh….l0ve their outfit….s0 hawt hawt….

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